About us

About us

NB is a school specializing in super-mini-groups: 2 to 3 people!

We believe that the most optimal form of study is a mini-group consisting of only 2 or 3 people. This format allows the students not only to develop their communication skills, but also to be active during all lesson long. So if you want to learn the infinite world of foreign languages with your friends, family or colleagues only, welcome to the NOTA BENE SCHOOL!

√ NB is a friendly team of professionals!

We employ highly qualified and talented teachers with two educational grades: linguistic and pedagogic. They will find the approach to any student of any age, profession and language level. Their perfect knowledge of a foreign language, as well as the history, culture and traditions of the country whose language they teach, along with their gained job experience, will give you a 100% guarantee of success in learning a foreign language.

√ NB is the unique site!

Our school is located in the heart of Kyiv, in the sacred triangle of the most famous Kyiv cathedrals: St. Michael, St. Sophia and St. Andrew's Church. On the way to school, you can admire the original paintings by local artists and at the end of classes, drink a cup of coffee on the Landscape alley with breathtaking views of Podol, one of the oldest districts of the city, or stroll down the colorful St. Andrew's descent.

√ NB is an affordable cost of study!

We understand how important it is nowadays to learn a foreign language without extra financial expenses. Therefore, studying in our mini-group, which is practically individual lessons, you pay only half or even one third of the cost of the individual training.

To determine your language level, we invite you to a free test. 

√ NB is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere!

Our lessons are held in specially equipped classrooms in the city center. You have at your disposal all necessary equipment and technologies: Wi-Fi, Internet, laptops, printer; as well as hot and cold drinks.

√ NB is a large library of additional training materials!

Our students have at their disposal a library with a wide selection of textbooks, fiction books, films, audio and video discs. Additional materials do not only help to learn faster and better the material covered, but also to develop an interest and a desire to know more about the country whose language is being taught.

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