Our methodology

Our methodology

√ NB is a combination of traditional and modern methods

A long-term practice of teaching foreign languages ​​shows that the most effective pedagogical technique is to combine traditional methods with the latest approaches of a language study. In the process of training, our teachers take as base one or two modern textbooks and offer additionally actual video and audio materials, newspaper articles, songs, poetry, etc.

√ NB is the development of communication skills

Despite the fact that we develop all four aspects of a language learning (speaking, listening, reading and writing), most of the time in class is devoted to the development and improvement of communication skills of our students, i.e. 80% of the class time is contributed to speaking.

√ NB is the language immersion

We widely practice teaching classes only in a foreign language without using the native language. This principle is recognized as the most effective method of learning a foreign language.

√ NB is a wide range of training programs

We offer a wide range of programs for students of different ages, professions and levels, taking into account their individual needs, preferences regarding the duration and intensity of the course and their occupancy. 

√ NB is an individual approach to every student

The mini-groups of 2 or 3 people allow us to choose a program of training, course duration, time and place of studies as adequate as possible. You learn only at time and place convenient for you.

√ NB is a constant desire to learn

In our opinion, the most important thing in learning a foreign language is motivation and interest to study. Our teachers will do their best to increase your desire to acquire more and more knowledge and to help you develop and improve your language skills constantly and independently.

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